Playing For Pizza in Middletown
May 25, 2007

Busking, photo by Leroy Hawbaker
We were invited to play outside Marco's Pizza in Middletown the day before the Hafla Festival. We figured it would be a good time to get some more practice in. In true busking fashion, we set our little hat out on the ground and actually scored $9.00 for our efforts. Although the sun was shining hotly on us the whole time, we had a great time. Marco's was kind enough to give us some free pizza for entertaining their patrons.
(From left to right, Bill, Jo, Les, Pete, Marcia, Kim and Kat)

Warming up, photo by Leroy Hawbaker

Les takes a turn at the shekere while Pete mans the dunduns.
That's Larry with the flute.

Bill on Balaphone, photo by Leroy Hawbaker

Bill tickles the balafon. Our new nickname for it is Billyfone.