Ebacher Wedding
September 2, 2007

Photo by Jo Hudgins
We played the wedding procession, two brief interludes during the ceremony, and as they were all walking out after the ceremony for the couple. Afterwards, we went to the reception and Patti, Jessi, and Kat performed the Focodoba dance. The bride and groom were both on a Mercy hospital ship for ten months off the coast of Africa. She is a nurse and he is a computer specialist. They were enchanted with the area so they wanted to give their wedding an African air. We certainly helped to provide that.

Photo by Jo Hudgins
Our group, from left to right - Bill, Jo, Marcia, Paul, Kat, Jessi, Patti, Kim, Pete, Ray, and Hannah

Marcia and Patti Photo by Jo Hudgins
Marcia & Patti share a moment; Paul using the rain stick, and Pete & Patti are happily drumming

It's over
The wedding is over;
now Dave, Patti, and Robyn are off to the reception