Drum Barn 1st Anniversary
July 14, 2007

Drummers from all over were invited and they came. After many rousing rounds by the campfire, people who hadn't been to the drum barn before converged upstairs to try out Pete's many drums. It was a grand night for drumming and meeting new people.

Potluck feast--photo by Jo Hudgins
First, there was a potluck spread.

Eating--photo by Jo Hudgins

Enjoying the food and company

Talking drums--photo by Jo Hudgins

Marcia, Pete and Les duel with the talking drums

Drum circle--photo by Jo Hudgins

Gathering for a campfire drum circle

Photo by Jo Hudgins
Larry, Jessi, Ben and Les as it gets dark

Photo by Jo Hudgins

Marcia, ?, Rich, ?, and Paul as twilight fades

Photo by Jo Hudgins

Campfire drumming wouldn't be complete without a campfire

Photo by Marcia Simmons

Poke, poke...
Robert, Jessi, and Bill

Photo by Marcia Simmons

Mary brings a date?

Photo by Jo Hudgins

Pete relaxing with a shekere; the party has been a success